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We really appreciate a well put together press release. When we think one is or may be suitable for our diverse consumer readership, we send the attached Free To See Guide document (see right) and highlight our cool page: MSM Video Guide.

Maximum Social Marketing’s (MSM) channels (see below for some of the links) reach over 100,000 people weekly!

Can you see how these will support your client’s press releases?!

VIDEO-GUIDE v6If you aren’t familiar with Maximum Social Marketing yet, we run Pocket Manchester, MCFC Supporters Club, Chinese Manchester/Chinese New Year Manchester and Maximum Social Marketing as our core in-house platforms.

MSM’s channels editorially cover food, drink, sports, music, film, arts, what’s on channels and events for young audiences (18-25 Pocket MCR), to varied demographic audiences (MCFC SC/CNY MCR /Christmas MCR) in the NW region.

[HELP: We are asking if you could please like, share, re-tweet etc., the web page and social media posts we have sent back to you as much as you can with as many accounts as possible. Why? It helps to keep our channels – free to see!]

If, when you have Followed, Liked, Retweeted, Shared, Favourited posts and pages on our various platforms, please send an email to james@msmuk.com and/or dan@msmuk.com to confirm this. The more activity you create on these posts, pages and channels, the more additional re-posting and marketing MSM will do (e.g. second, third posts, etc.) for your agency and clients!

On Twitter (on one or more social media accounts), if you could favourite the posts, re-tweet the post, follow the accounts posted from and give @pocketmcr a big shout out, we would be most grateful! The POCKET platform is a not-for-profit collection of sites and channels.

If you’d like to get even more coverage from some or more of our networks, spend 30 minutes helping them to grow the audience, reach and engagement. All you need to do is to get 1 or more social media accounts on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc. to share, comment, like the post and to like the page.



e.g. If we get a really great article for e.g. Pocket Manchester and/or MCFC Supporters Club:

We may publish the article on http://www.pocketmanchester.com with the 2nd article piece on http://chinesemanchester.co.uk and a 3rd piece on http://mcfcsupportersclub.co.uk and social media up to and (when you need it) beyond your event date. Total coverage!

The 2nd and 3rd websites tease the story with links to the key site that’s carrying your piece. This way, you get onto 2 other websites that we edit, driving traffic to your web article – FOR FREE!


… that we have an in-house TV presenter / journalist and an in-house TV crew?

We shoot and edit films to deliver digitally to market? These support our own campaigns and, with good partnerships, we do this to support PR company campaigns also.



Take a look at MSM’s key B2C digital channels! These range from entertainment and sport to content and message delivery for environmentally friendly technology, transport companies, property agents to students and more.

By liking and sharing each of these web and social pages and posts, following the social media accounts, re-tweeting and favouriting, etc., you’re building the likes, reach, engagement of these channels, which helps deliver your message time and time again, free of charge!










We also produce a weekly ‘What’s on in Manchester’ article and video which is boosted over social media accounts at the weekend. This web / video combination is very powerful. In addition, we’ve also added a rolling what’s on news feed to our Pocket MCR website for 18-25 demographic: http://www.pocketmanchester.com/whats-on.

The other key news to shout about is in our Chinese community channels. We’ve added an extra web domain to our mix, a new Twitter feed and we’re sending news out on social media in Chinese language as well as English content. There’s more on page 4 overleaf in this Free To See guide, with links. It’s a wonderful community to connect to.

Christmas in Manchester is huge and guess who owns http://christmasmanchester.co.uk and associated Twitter / Facebook channels?! Yes, MSM! The aim: To be #1 website by Christmas 2016 and a hot placement opportunity for every PR agency in town.

Maximum Social Marketing (MSM) is a multi—product/multi-channel company, selling creative writing, social media account management, digital marketing, web hosting and video production and more.

MSM is seen as a useful tool for PR agencies, brand marketers and advertising companies. With a B2B and a B2C route to market – channels that reach mainstream Manchester audiences and champion diversity (with brands like Chinatown Manchester /Chinese New Year Manchester), the digital campaign reach for each brand increases.

Maximum Social Marketing also provides more support and advertising possibilities by bringing non-competitive brands together for joint projects. MSM is a diverse mix of experience, talent and youthful energy. The experience aspect says, “Think twice, act once.” The youthful element connects to a demographic born in the digital age and tells us what talks and what walks in all that we do.

Says James Delargy, “To understand each customer, requires empathetically-nuanced strategies. A company who speaks for its clients’, needs to think like them too.”

“The Man City FC Supporters’ platform speaks to a Northern demographic, once often disappointed, yet now with a renewed enthusiasm. It’s a relationship that’s existed since 1948 which MSM has been appointed the honour of continuing.”

The Pocket suite of channels offers a wider audience wanted free-to-see content, first time exclusives, deals and new technology offerings. With the focus on them and their needs, the target 18-25 demographic is switching on to the Pocket brand as an ambassador for quality and as a champion of its audience.

At MSM, you’re not buying outputs, you’re solving problems for your customers and they are rewarding you for it. We hope our inclusion of your work delivers some great results for your campaign and for your client(s).

Reputation builds trust. Trust builds loyalty. Loyalty builds repeat business.



Maximum Social Marketing (MSM) has developed a web platform over several years which is and has been ranked top of Google’s search results for 3 years running on the search term: CHINESE NEW YEAR MANCHESTER. This number one ranking sits above Manchester City Council’s ‘Official’ website!

MSM has identified (over 2014-2015) ways to develop the digital reach and marketing capabilities of a suite of digital CNY / Chinatown MCR platforms 24/7. MSM is now looking to take these NEXT offerings to market in time for 2016’s CNY on Monday, February 8.

Traditionally, the MSM Chinese New Year website has received tremendous traffic up to a beyond the CNY date each year. The traffic, understandably, then decreases and builds again 6-8 weeks prior to the next CNY.

MSM has subsequently invested in a 2nd domain to provide a 365 day per year coverage of news to mitigate the seasonal trends of the website. This 2nd website was launched simply as Chinese Manchester. Again, the naming of the domain means, once again, that within a year or so, this website (with the right content and investment) will also rank number one on Google for keywords: CHINESE MANCHESTER.

New in the digital mix is the Chinatown Manchester Twitter page. This is taking the website content to the Chinese community, as well as (with the Facebook page) the BBC’s news in Chinese and Pocket Manchester content.

The set of channels below NOW deliver news to the Chinese community, drive traffic and customers to businesses in Chinatown Manchester. These channels offer the Chinese community a method to communicate, engage and reach outside the community to more people. The platform is 2-way and works from a community relations perspective, as a business ambassador for quality and as a trusted source of news and interesting content.


CHINESE NEW YEAR & CHINATOWN MCRhttp://chinesemanchester.co.uk
News: http://chinesenewyearmanchester.co.uk/chinese-news/bbc-chinese-news





Maximum Social Marketing (MSM) has made a strategic move to working to enable PR agencies and cross-selling brands in co-operation, rather than in competition.

Taking a leaf from dynamic social business principles, co-operation is becoming more of a ‘thing’. If your web designer suddenly suggests you run Google Adwords on your website which will bring banners off the web onto your site, it’s not because he/she is looking to drive visitors elsewhere. A new dawn is set to shed its light on the digital community and forward-thinking digital creatives are all over it already. To play the game, you need to share the fame!

MSM sees an opportunity to do something differently. Rather than exclusively marketing every brand its digital creative team works on, there is a new opportunity to ‘ADD VALUE’ to other campaigns, to ‘pass it on’ to new audiences and add the nuances of MSM’s editorial tongue-in-cheek style, with fun-loving creative and cool marketing from elsewhere.

It’s no longer possible to completely argue why one agency is so much better than another. The reality is, in Manchester, there are a dozen totally awesome agencies who market using platforms like Gorkana to journalistic websites such as the B2C sites owned by MSM.

Over the last 2 years, the political will has changed. People want big Manchester businesses to be more accountable to their customers. They want the money to stay local. Moreover, they are prepared to petition, march and socially indicate these preferences now, like at no other time since the 1970s.

Rather than spending 2% on CSR projects to keep the ‘lefties’ in the communications team feeling less guilty, value is added today by finding common projects which truly develop the community.

We now see volunteering, sharing and free marketing on a scale we haven’t seen for quite a long time. People will offer, engage, donate or sell directly using social media, bypassing conventions such as eBay which see a percentage of each sale go towards the platform. This new style of people-to-people means digital marketing must reflect true value and meaning in what it does.

Christmas Manchester, as a concept project, has grown rapidly in Winter 2015/6. As with its sister channel, Chinese New Year, it is seasonal. The growth of the channel happens in the 6 weeks around Christmas. Like Chinese New Year, the channel will not be abandoned until 2016’s run up to festivities. The channel will now be marketed from throughout the year to maintain its Google buoyancy for next Christmas. Chinese New Year Manchester is number 1 on Google because it’s a website and set of social channels that talk to the audience and marketing interests all year round.


Christmas mcrhttp://christmasmanchester.co.uk




MSM has made the editorial guidelines straight forward and offers you the opportunity of free or low cost access to our channels for articles that suit our audiences!

Your article will remain on the MSM website indefinitely. It will be treated as any other post we output and would not be highlighted as a sponsored post. We read all articles and will advise if we have an issue that might delay the publishing time. Articles relevant to our existing social media clients may also be sent on their channels which would grow your reach further.

What do we need from you for web articles?

For a featured press release/article/post/story, a jpg/png image for the banner of 620 x 350 pixels plus 2 or more images to go in the article content. Please rename your images to be subject descriptive. We’d also look at a minimum of a 300 word count.

All our articles follow Google’s SEO guidelines and we look to find a unique keyword or phrase to work throughout the piece. This focus keyword would appear in the title, first sentence and as repetitions throughout the piece. The article also benefits from links to external websites which open in new browser tabs from our web platforms. Useful external links for further reading, validating or reinforcing content details, etc. also help the reader digest the piece in its entirety. Please consider adding external links and linking to MSM’s article from your article.

For us to post your article, the process begins with a read through, copy-checking and analysis of content. Once we’re happy that it meets our house style/editorial policy, we’d clear the piece for publication and prepare for digital launch and marketing

What do we need from you for television?

For a featured video on one or more of our web platforms, our YouTube channel and social media platforms, the production considerations include:

  • Crew and post production availability
  • Audience relevance to our digital channels
  • Location & parking
  • Photography / videography release forms
  • Need for a non-standard risk assessment
  • Need for a non-standard method statement
  • Agreed usage and distribution rights
  • Copyright & licensing