August 5, 2016 webmaster

Check Out Instagram’s Major New Update

When Mark Zuckerberg proposed to buy Snapchat for 3 Billion back in 2013 Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel, shocked the tech world by declining his huge offer. It’s now 2016 and Instagram have just launched their new feature called “Storys”. Did Snapchats CEO make the wrong decision turning down Instagrams CEO?

An Instagram story is a picture taken on the phone’s camera or a 10 seconds or less video that you upload and will be automatically deleted after 24 hours. This is great for people who like posting a lot but don’t want to feel like they’re spamming their followers. Instagram’s new feature would be great for business, it doesn’t show what the image uploaded by the user is before the viewer taps on it. This way it makes people engage with the post and be intrigued about what it is the user is posting. This type of platforming can be better than something like Facebook where people can easily scroll past the image because this way everyone who sees the post has to of looked as it properly.

Instagram’s new feature sounds quite good, but theirs only one problem. It’s not their original idea! In 2013 a company called “Snapchat” made their own feature called story’s which is similar to what Instagram has just started doing. At the moment many business’s and celebrities use Snapchat as a productive way of advertising, companies, and celebrities such as Domino’s, DJ KHALED, McDonald’s and the Sour Patch Kids. The way people engage with the Snapchat story is the same as the Instagram Story where you can only see the content when you click on it. Below is the similarity between posting to your story onSnapchat compared to Instagram.

Snapchat                                                 Instagram














IMG_6202 (1)

IMG_6201 (1)













IMG_6204 (1)














As you can see the Story features on the two apps are quite similar, from the layout of the picture taken to other things such as being able to draw on photos with a variety of colours. These two platforms are definitely in competition now.

What does this mean for Snapchat? Are fewer people now using Snapchat and instead have decided to use Instagram’s shiny new feature? Popular Snapchatter “Joe Wicks” also known as The Body Couch recently posted to his Snapchat Story asking his followers if he should start posting stories on Snapchat or Instagram. If many celebrities and companies start asking their followers on Snapchat or Instagram the same question we could start to see a majority of users using one platform over the other.