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What are 3D Tours and how are they useful?

First there were photographs, then there was video and more recently 360 degree tours were introduced, but now 3D virtual tours are taking the market by storm.

Photos and videos used to be flat, whereas 3D tours offer an extraordinary and innovative experience that makes it feel like you’re there, even if you’re on the other side of the world.

More detailed than Google Maps, 3D tours allow additional information to be added through the use of meta tags and even support virtual reality headsets.

See the example below, a restaurant that is using 3D tours technology has added useful information to a table that lets customers know about the cost of booking it. This is just one example of how meta tags can be useful for your business, the opportunities created by it are endless.

3d tours features 1

3D Spaces are changing the game of driving web traffic and gaining consumer mindshare. Put your agency on the cutting edge of immersive storytelling, whether you’re promoting a venue, launching a product, or building an established brand.

Benefits of 3D Tours

  • meta tags allows useful information to be added to spots of your choice within the venue
  • allows customers to see the layout of the venue, capacity and facilities available
  • more detailed and realistic than Google Maps, 3D tours can be seen in ‘dollhouse’ mode and even through virtual reality headsets

Click here to have a look at some of examples of what can be done with this incredible technology.


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