September 9, 2016 webmaster

MSM Digital Present At Kuits Solicitors Leisure & Hospitality Seminar

Leisure and Hospitality: Building and Protecting your Brand

MSM Digital Groupl were delighted to be asked to present at this Seminar organised by and held at Kuits new offices at Blackfriars House in Manchester.

A copy of Michael Goldman’s MSM presentation can be obtained using this link


For businesses operating in the leisure and hospitality sector, brand is everything.

Despite this, in our experience many operators continue to take a relaxed approach to brand protection, failing to safeguard their name and image, inviting unforeseen threats from copycats, and protecting their brand from derogatory comments have been posted on social media and/or review sites such as TripAdvisor.

In this seminar, Kuits’ Intellectual Property team will take you through the essentials of brand protection, the value of safeguarding, the possible threats you may encounter and how to manage them.

In addition, if you are a business operating in the leisure and hospitality sector, it is likely that you will have a substantial database of customers that you regularly communicate with. Our guest speaker, Michael Goldman from MSM digital marketing, will be covering the five simple steps on how the hospitality sector can create, grow and maintain a valuable customer database that will increase brand awareness, increase customers and dramatically boost profitability.

As many operators will not be aware of their obligations under database law or how this effects their marketing and communications, our Commercial team will then cover the essentials of data protection and the ways in which the law says you must collect, store and use your customers’ private information.

We will finish up by giving you some updates on recent developments in licensing law to ensure you leave with all bases covered.

The presentation will be followed by networking, drinks and nibbles on our rooftop garden (weather permitting!).

Who should attend?

This seminar will be of interest to owners and managers of leisure and hospitality businesses, and anyone who deals with branding and databases, and anyone with clients operating in this sector.

Key topics covered

  • How to build an effective customer database
  • How to make the most of this data while complying with the law
  • Transferring data across borders or to other businesses
  • Protecting data from employee theft – what to do, how to prevent it
  • Brand protection – registering and protecting trade marks
  • Recent developments in licensing law

A copy of Michael Goldman’s MSM presentation can be obtained using this link