Video Production

Making your first business video is an exciting opportunity to develop your communication skills and to add a digital aspect to your marketing mix.

It’s sometimes a step into the unknown as there are many types of providers operating in the marketplace.  Your considerations will include cost, quality and process. If your research has paid off and you’ve picket a great video partner, you’re well on your way to a strong and lasting relationship.

Video Production | Maximum Social MarketingVideo producers are creative individuals and the best are constantly looking to give you something new, something that sets you out from the rest.  They want you to shine.  The positive feedback they receive on a well-made production means their production brand is being marketed through your success.  The more people your video reaches, the more the production company also benefits.  Your success is in their best interests!

MSM Digital has a wealth of experience in this field and is able to offer highly creative video solutions, produced without a huge headache cost-effectively and quickly.

Being digital for 20 years, supporting many brands in meetings, presentations, event and conferences requires productions with a story.  The video highlights the problem and takes your viewer to the solution.  With today’s additional ways to view or ‘consume’ video content, such as in social media apps and platforms, websites and on all sorts of technologies from TV, computer, mobile device and now slave devices such as your office printer can also play relevant video, the deployment of new communication disciplines apply.

Video Production Manchester UKStory-based videos with everything in one production are required for key communication events, yet more nuanced, one-message pieces are fast looking like the next generation of video communication.  Paid boosting on social media platforms targets set demographics to deliver simple messages one-by-one.  Viewers are considered consumers in the digital arena.  They will try a spoonful of your content, but won’t stay for a meal.  MSM offers video ‘bites’ to spoon feed an ever more fickle audience and ensure your brand message and ethic is retained until that consumer is ready to buy you.  They don’t buy the product, they are buying the experience. MSM offer the value proposition that builds your market share through positive reach and engagement, using social media and SEO penetration principles. Digitally marketing a set of brand values creatively, requires a brand message to be seamlessly carried over many platforms and still hold true to each simple message in conveys.

At MSM, you’re not buying video, you’re solving problems for your customers and they are rewarding you for it.

Reputation builds trust.

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